The Golf Athlete offers a range of services that are available and applicable to players of all skill levels.


The Golf Athlete has consulted to numerous National High Performance Programmes plus Regional, State and National Amateur Bodies and Professional Golf Associations around the world since before 2000. The work has included, but is not limited to, education and strategic development around Long-Term Player Development and the acceleration of optimal technique for all players by the application of scientifically based and measurable parameters. This work has included countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Laos and England.

Golf Fitness Advice

Since 2005 Golf Fitness qualifications can be gained in a matter of days not years. The concern for the aspiring golfer, is to be able to discern the difference between the range of Fitness Professionals. Do they see a personal trainer, an exercise physiologist or a strength and conditioning specialist? Then follows – what do all the qualifications mean and does this translate to any long term golf swing understanding? Finally, are the same principles that are applied to other sports even relevant to the average or elite or junior or senior golfer. The Golf Athlete can assist you with advice and services in this important aspect of the golfer’s optimal development.

Golf Physical Assessment and Screening

Many golfers now appreciate the value in individual physical assessment and exercise prescription to affect long-term technical change that is both, effective and minimally stressful on the body. The level of expertise of the practitioner should be paramount in the decision-making process. The application of the correct assessment technique and then what is the result gained and its relevance to the individual golf swing, are all impacted upon by the experience and qualifications of the practitioner. The Golf Athlete continues to educate and affiliate with highly trained, golf specifically trained practitioners around the world.

Golf Swing Analysis

The Golf Athlete, since the late 1990s, has espoused the need for biomechanical assessment to complement standardised digital video as the foundation for all technique and physical intervention for the serious golfer. As first Launch Monitor and then Force Plate measurement were developed, TGA with one of its Founder Directors, Dr Rob Neal, has continued to remain at the forefront of quantifiable measurement to direct practitioner interventions. Through its partnership with Golf Biodynamics Inc., the TGA consultants in many countries offer these services to PGA Professionals and Players.


Since 2002, The Golf Athlete’s consultants have provided scientifically based education for PGA Professionals, Golf Coaches and Health and Fitness Professionals in more than 15 countries. The Level I and II seminars establish knowledge and baseline competencies which allow for progression to a range of potential specialist seminars and Masterclasses across Swing Technique, Biomechanics, Golf Physical Assessment and Screening, Golf Training and Annual Fitness Advice and Management of Golf Specific Injury. Whether Coach, Health/Fitness Professional or player of any age, TGA has scientifically based material to assist you to improve.

Management of Golf Specific Injury

The proliferation of physical therapies that purport to treat, manage and prevent Golf Specific Injury have been overwhelming in the last 15-20 years. All golfers, from the average to the elite, have found it increasingly difficult to find high quality, scientifically grounded practitioners. The Golf Athlete and its consultants continue to educate and promote individuals who display these qualities. If you need assistance with injury management, that is golf sensitive, then a TGA trained and affiliated practitioner would be a sound starting point.