There has been a proliferation of Golf Fitness advice and exercise since 2005.  Much of this advice and education content had been largely anecdotal and not backed by sound, scientific rationale.  There is now wonderful work being presented by researchers, coaches and clinicians, who are involved on a daily basis, in the areas of optimising technique, injury prevention and long-term player development. The Golf Athlete has presented the Level I and II seminars in 15 different countries around the World since 2003.  This section will allow PGA Professionals, Health/Fitness Professionals and motivated golfers who are keen to better understand the scientific support that underpins a long-term improvement in golf performance, to undertake the basic Level I seminar online at their own pace.  In the future, TGA plans to provide the Level I and a range of Specialist seminars on topics including Biomechanics and Measurement Technology, Physical Assessment and Screening, Long Term Player Development and Golf Injury & Management.  The successful completion of the Level I seminar and the on-line examination of competence, will allow for a face to face level II TGA Seminar participation with Michael Dalgleish, Dr Rob Neal and other members of the TGA Team.   The goal is to accredit or certify TGA Members after the successful completion of the level II seminar.  If scientifically based education from industry leaders is your interest, then TGA will provide a quality scientifically based option for you in a user-friendly environment. 

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