For the serious golf enthusiast, this section provides all the tools to answer the questions regarding the specific content you need to improve your game.  If there is a physical or biomechanical issue that requires you to improve your motor patterns, coordination of movement, joint/soft tissue range, muscle tone, muscle activation, strength, power, speed or endurance then the content here will assist you to reach your goals.  A specific section will also be dedicated to golf-specific injury assessment and management – de-mystifying the jargon and allowing you to ask the right questions of your local sports medicine staff and fitness professionals.  The TGA goal, at all times, is to access the best possible practitioners and coaches to ensure that the information you are getting is state of the art, while also being scientifically credible.  If practical interventions and knowledge are what you are looking for, then this section will be on your priority list of golf improvement sources.

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