Upcoming UKPGA Endorsed Seminars

October 10, 2019 in News

March / April

  1. PGA National Training Academy, Ping House, Sutton Coldfield, England
  2. Golf Club Hamburg Wendelohe, Hamburg, Germany

Appropriate for

  • PGA Teaching Professionals
  • Golf Coaches
  • Health Professionals – Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors
  • Fitness Professionals – Exercise Physiologists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers

Journal Review Service

November 18, 2018 in News

As each year passes the golf specific research evidence and investigation continues to proliferate. The difficulties for the evidence-based golf coach or health/fitness professional or keen golfer is to de-mystify the scientific jargon and statistics.  The Golf Athlete has set, as a future perspective, to produce short videos based around 8-10 slide presentations that summarise the latest and pivotal articles relevant to golf and its application to performance enhancement, in its many facets. The presentations will cover the research question, the design, the statistics and, most importantly for all The Golf Athlete database, the key applications to your golf improvement. 

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November 18, 2018 in News

Since 2000 The Golf Athlete has established strong links with PGA and Health/Fitness Professionals in more than 15 different countries around the world.  Many of these individuals have completed TGA seminars and continue to work closely in developing world’s best practice in “scientific support for better golf performance”.  The membership of TGA will provide a unique forum for those individuals who are seeking information from leading experts in the improvement of golf performance from around the world.  The information will be provided in a variety of user-friendly formats including written, video and in the future, an interactive forum.  This forum, under the banner of “hot topics” will allow members to swap ideas and benefit from the input of like-minded professionals in their area of interest.  Whether PGA Professional, Health/Fitness Professional or golfer there will be something to assist you to improve your golf performance.  The content will always be: golfer focussed – coach driven – science supported.  If you have a question regarding improved golf performance you will be able to find an answer in this forum.

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Online Education

November 18, 2018 in News

There has been a proliferation of Golf Fitness advice and exercise since 2005.  Much of this advice and education content had been largely anecdotal and not backed by sound, scientific rationale.  There is now wonderful work being presented by researchers, coaches and clinicians, who are involved on a daily basis, in the areas of optimising technique, injury prevention and long-term player development. The Golf Athlete has presented the Level I and II seminars in 15 different countries around the World since 2003.  This section will allow PGA Professionals, Health/Fitness Professionals and motivated golfers who are keen to better understand the scientific support that underpins a long-term improvement in golf performance, to undertake the basic Level I seminar online at their own pace.  In the future, TGA plans to provide the Level I and a range of Specialist seminars on topics including Biomechanics and Measurement Technology, Physical Assessment and Screening, Long Term Player Development and Golf Injury & Management.  The successful completion of the Level I seminar and the on-line examination of competence, will allow for a face to face level II TGA Seminar participation with Michael Dalgleish, Dr Rob Neal and other members of the TGA Team.   The goal is to accredit or certify TGA Members after the successful completion of the level II seminar.  If scientifically based education from industry leaders is your interest, then TGA will provide a quality scientifically based option for you in a user-friendly environment. 

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Products for Golfers

November 18, 2018 in News

If you are serious about scientifically validated tools and equipment that can assist you to improve the physical aspects of your game and thus accelerate your technical improvement, then the products that TGA provides and endorses are for you.  Whether golfer, PGA Professional or Health/Fitness Professional there will be something here that can assist you to improve the physical aspects underpinning quality golf swings.  Many companies market products that are for the general population – however, the applicability of these to a golfing population requires that education be undertaken by coach, practitioner and player.  TGA will provide educational material and ‘how to’ videos for all members of the team to make their products and equipment applicable to a golfing environment.  In addition, knowing when to use it, how often and in what specific areas as part of your training, recovery and warm up will be covered.  In time, all TGA members will receive cost savings on purchases made through TGA or its endorsed partners.

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Ask the Golf Athlete

November 18, 2018 in News

For the serious golf enthusiast, this section provides all the tools to answer the questions regarding the specific content you need to improve your game.  If there is a physical or biomechanical issue that requires you to improve your motor patterns, coordination of movement, joint/soft tissue range, muscle tone, muscle activation, strength, power, speed or endurance then the content here will assist you to reach your goals.  A specific section will also be dedicated to golf-specific injury assessment and management – de-mystifying the jargon and allowing you to ask the right questions of your local sports medicine staff and fitness professionals.  The TGA goal, at all times, is to access the best possible practitioners and coaches to ensure that the information you are getting is state of the art, while also being scientifically credible.  If practical interventions and knowledge are what you are looking for, then this section will be on your priority list of golf improvement sources.

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Find a TGA Member Near You

November 18, 2018 in News

Since 2002, The Golf Athlete has been providing Sports Medicine and Sports Science education and consulting around the World. Over that time, the database of individuals who have completed seminars, specialist workshops and Masterclasses has grown.  With the re-launch of the new The Golf Athlete Website, we are asking our existing members to confirm their details, please.  For those new to The Golf Athlete, by registering you will, in the near future, be able to locate and collaborate with other individuals who have been educated in the TGA Philosophy.  If you would like to be kept informed of the launch of “find a TGA member” near you, then we will need to get your details registered in our database as soon as possible.

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