Scientific support for better golf performance.

The Golf Athlete provides services and education to:

PGA Teaching Professionals and Golf Coaches;

Health and Fitness Professionals;

  • Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletic Development Coach, Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches, Podiatrists, Biomechanists, and Remedial Massage Therapists.

and Golfers.

  • Elite Professionals, Elite Amateurs, and Players of all ages, levels, handicaps and genders.

The Golf Athlete is a collective of PGA Professionals, Golf Coaches, and Health and Fitness Professionals that know the mechanics of your body when playing golf. With decades of experience between them, this group of trusted Professionals and our valued database can help your game by getting your physical condition to professional levels.

Meet our team

Michael Dalgleish

Michael Dalgleish

Sports Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist & Athletic Development Coach
  • APA Sports Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist & Athletic Development Specialist
  • Director – Dalgleish Physiotherapy & Athletic Development
  • Director – The Golf Athlete
  • USPGA and European Tour Trainer
  • Consultant to numerous National Golf Federations and PGAs
  • Presently regularly in various forums in golf around the World
  • Golf Biodynamics Licensee for Queensland
Derek Hooper

Derek Hooper

PGA Teaching Professional & Sports Scientist
  • Director of Instruction, Royal Oaks Country Club, Houston TX
  • AAA Member of Australian PGA
  • Sports Science degree from University of Queensland
  • Trackman Level II Certified Professional
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level II Golf Coach
  • Operation 36 Level II Certified Golf Coach
  • Golf Digest Best Instructors in State
Dr Rob Neal

Dr Rob Neal

Golf Biomechanist
  • CEO/Founder of Golf BioDynamics
  • Based in Orlando, FL; formerly at Doral, FL
  • PhD in Biomechanics from the University of Queensland
  • World recognized expert in golf biomechanics
  • Consultant to numerous national golf federations and PGA’s
  • Presents regularly at various forums on golf around the World
  • Ability to link the theory and research in a way to help golfers and golf professionals
Joanne Dalgleish

Joanne Dalgleish

  • Consultant – Dalgleish Physiotherapy & Athletic Development
  • Consultant – The Golf Athlete
  • 20 years experience in Long Term Athlete Development
  • Broad experience in Physical Competence Assessment and Screening
  • Former consultant to The Queensland Academy of Sport
Karen Harrison

Karen Harrison

Podiatrist, Exercise Scientist, and Nutritionist
  • Qualified Podiatrist
  • Consultant Athletic Development Coach & Director of Health – Bishops Gate Junior Golf
  • Consultant to The Golf Athlete Seminars around the World
  • Partner in Golf Biodynamics Inc with Dr Rob Neal
  • IOC qualified Nutritionist
Sean Horan

Sean Horan

Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and University Researcher/Teacher
  • PhD in Golf Biomechanics
  • Senior Lecturer – Physiotherapy, Griffith University Gold Coast
  • Physiotherapist/Trainer to players on PGA Tour, Japanese Tour and LPGA Tour
  • Consultant to University of Washington Men’s Golf Team
  • Published golf specific research in multiple high-ranking peer reviewed journals
  • Author of chapter – Routledge’s International Handbook of Golf Science
  • Presenter on physical aspects of golf to Physiotherapists, Fitness Professionals and Coaches

Adrian Kelly

  • Postgraduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy
  • Consultant – The Golf Athlete
  • Consultant Physiotherapist to multiple professional golfers
  • Clinical and Golf Pilates Instructor
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) medical professional
  • Broad experience in physical competency screening, targeted exercise and interventions to enhance performance and longevity in golfers
  • Scratch handicap and avid golfer