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World class consulting, focusing on education and strategic development.

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From bunkers to birdies.

Advice and services in the important aspects of a golfer's optimal development.

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Physiology to the fairway.

Performing biomechanical assessments through our partnership with Golf Biomechanics Inc.

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Back swing effecting your back 9?

Providing scientifically based education for PGA professionals, golf coaches, and health and fitness professionals.

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The Golf Athlete is a collective of PGA Professionals, Golf Coaches, and Health and Fitness Professionals that know the mechanics of your body when playing golf. With decades of experience between them, this team can help you develop your game by getting your physical condition to professional levels.

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Here is a sample of what you can find in the Exercise Library.

Tommy Schill – Leading Swedish Golf Physiotherapist

The game of golf has been characterized my mysticism and opinion for a long time, mainly due to the fact, that actual measures of the body in motion and the interaction between ball and club has been denied by the thinkers, teachers and players in their work with the game. However, with the technological progress, that make the actual measures available, a new line of thinking is gaining ground: a scientific approach which will rely on facts, figures and sound scientific principle in the line of thinking.  As a metaphor, the game of golf is coming out of the medieval period and is now standing on the brink of a renaissance. Rob, Karen and Michael are spearheads of this development and through their work and approach.  They are inspiration to all of us who seek knowledge and answers rather than opinion and guesses.

Rachel Hetherington – Former USLPGA Tour Player

… while a USLPGA Touring Professional, the TGA staff helped me over many years with golf specific strength training. Getting stronger and more powerful helped me realise my physical potential and develop my golf swing….

Ben Corso – Director South Australian Golf Injuries Clinic, Adelaide

I attended the Level I and II in succession and it was very useful for me to take to start using with my clients straight away.  On top of that, Rob, Michael and Anders Christiansen have such a large knowledge base and experience that it is trustworthy.  Thank you – it’s been excellent.

John Senden USPGA Tour Player – Two Time Winner

…. golf specific stability training is an integral part of my overall training plan.  I have employed training strategies from the TGA staff very effectively to help me compete at the highest level of my profession.  I am sure you will find their resources valuable…

Wayne Perske – Former Japanese PGA Tour Player & Teaching Professional

…sometimes getting to the gym was hard, so I made use of TGA’s golf specific home strength training programs to keep making physical improvements. I cannot recommend highly enough the information provided by the TGA staff, I swear by their advice!

Brad Poyser – Physiotherapist Rye, Victoria

Michael, I just wanted to personally thank you for a fantastic couple of days last week, both from a clinical and golfing point of view.  Your level of evidence and clinical thinking presented throughout was fantastic, and provided a great scientific base from which to work.  I look forward to incorporating this into my practice over the coming months, so that my clients and I can improve their performance, and ultimately get around ‘in one less’.

Jan Frei G Pedersen – Former Danish Women’s Coach

I would just like to thank you personally for a fantastic four days.  I have come away with so much information that will undoubtedly further my knowledge of this fantastic game (well sometimes it’s fantastic, depends upon how I’ve played usually). The seminar was delivered in a fun and informative manner and the camaraderie with everyone was great.  I am sure that you will have had many emails from all who attended saying pretty much the same which speaks volumes about you and your team. Many thanks again and enjoy the rest of your time in the UK, I look forward to seeing you at the Belfry in January.

Mikkel Grage Nielsen – Danish Physiotherapist

Michael, thanks for the fabulous four days in Melbourne.  Very informative and dynamic presentations.  You guys are obviously leaders in the field. On a clinical level, the course has already had a huge impact with quick and practical interventions for even novice golfers.  Thanks.  Please also pass on my thanks to Rob and Karen.

Scott Booth – PGA Professional, Chester Golf Club, England

I would just like to thank you personally for a fantastic four days (Level I and II seminars), I have come away with so much information that will undoubtedly further my knowledge of this fantastic game (well sometimes it’s fantastic, depends how I’ve played usually). The seminar was delivered in a fun and informative manner and the camaraderie with everyone was great, I am sure you will have had many e-mails from all who attended saying pretty much the same, which speaks volumes about you and your TGA team.  Many thanks again and enjoy the rest of your time in the UK, I look forward to seeing you at The Belfry in January.

Henriette Thoegersen – Danish PGA Professional, Copenhagen

The TGA Level II seminar was one of the best I have attended as a golf coach.  The two days just passed by so quickly.  The TGA Team presented some of their new studies and taught us the importance and advantages of PGA Professionals and Physiotherapists or Athletic Development Specialists working together as a team.  All this was delivered with a great sense of humour.  Their work and leadership is the future for Golf in Denmark.

Andrew Buckle – Former USPGA Tour Player

.. as I progressed from a young kid to the USPGA Tour, all the years of travelling and hitting golf balls had finally caught up with me. I started to realise that flexibility and physical preparation was something that was really going to help me improve my golf and achieve the things I want to achieve. I recommend the TGA flexibility and training programmes to anyone who is serious about improving their golf game…..

Anders Dahl Christiansen – Former Danish Men’s Coach & Lead Master Instructor Nyholm Golf Academy – Jim McLean Master Instructor

As a TGA Convenor, participant at Level II and as a practising Physiotherapist dealing with golfers, I can highly recommend doing both level I and II seminars.  I have also attended Ramsay McMasters courses and am a TPI Certified Level 1 practitioner.  The TGA approach from a physiotherapy point of view is very clinically based and underpinned by a scientific approach to assessment and management utilising our already existing clinical reasoning skills.

Jakob Nees and Martin Lauridsen – Physiotherapists to Danish National Golf Team

….once again thank you for some very inspiring days. We have had very positive feedback after convening The Golf Athlete seminars and we personally learned a lot from you both (Michael and Rob) during the consultancy days with Danish Golf Union over the last few years…..

Line Vibov – Danish Physiotherapist

The Level II TGA seminar was a great interaction between Practice and Theory for myself as a physiotherapist and for the PGA Professionals who attended.

Ryan McCarthy – Former European Challenge Tour Player

There is no one I trust with my physical conditioning more than Michael. Together we have improved my individual golf specific preparation and how to specifically prevent injury related to the unique demands I have as a Touring Professional.  I can tee it up each week on tour, knowing I’m in the best possible shape to achieve the results I am striving for week in week out

Brad Stenner – OT and Consultant to South Australian Golf Injury Clinic, Adelaide

Very inspiring courses – both the Level I and II.  Michael and Rob know how to catch your attention with humour and a large amount of knowledge!  I feel ready to go out using the tools they provided me with.  It was fantastic!  Thank you.  Hope to see you again.

Ben Knight – UKPGA Advanced Teaching Professional

I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Michael for a number of years. He has overseen the physical development of several players I coach displaying an amazing depth of knowledge on the varying requirements of juniors between 12-18 years old. He has been instrumental in the physical improvements they have made as well as explaining to parents that at times there might be a reduction in ability due to the physical impediments associated with growth – especially around their peak height velocity.  His understanding of the development process has helped progress some of the boys onto international honours including scholarships to major colleges in the USA.

During his time of overseeing the physical progress of the Sussex County Juniors, the improvement in terms of physical ability and understanding of the important role it plays with the golf swing, has been remarkable. I would say that Michael is the biggest reason why several of our county players are physically competent and thus producing efficient golf swings with a low predisposition to potential injury.

Ben Knight

PGA Advanced Professional

Lead Coach, Sussex Performance Academy

PGA Level 3 Coach

UKCC Level 4 Coach

Jan Frei G Pedersen – Former Danish Women’s Coach

A scientific approach which relies on facts, figures and sound scientific principles…as the game of golf is coming out of the medieval period and is now standing on the brink of the Renaissance, Golf Biodynamics and The Golf Athlete are spearheading this development through their work and approach.  They are an inspiration to all of us who seek knowledge and answers rather than opinion and guesses.

Paolo Quirici – Sports Director – Association Suisse de Golf

I had the chance and the privilege to meet Michael Dalgleish a few year ago in England where I attended a TGA Level I seminar that included Biomechanics with Dr Rob Neal. Back in those days, I was coming out of a long-playing career of 16 years on the European PGA Tour and I was eager to learn more to be able to improve my coaching and thus the outcomes for my pupils.

Since 2014 I have been the Sport Director (Head Coach) for the Swiss Golf Association (ASG) and we have been instructing our Health and Fitness Coaches with information and experience from The Golf Athlete and Golf Biodynamics. The extensive knowledge gained from Michael Dalgleish and Dr Rob Neal are much appreciated and have allowed our association to move a level up in our support to our elite developing players in Switzerland.

Clive Tucker – US and European PGA Tour Coach

If memory serves well I met Michael for the first time at The Players Championship, Sawgrass, some 12 years ago.

He was introduced to me by Dr Rob Neal to help a pupil of mine, David Howell, who was experiencing certain long term injury problems. Rob described him as the “best in his field” and frankly he was right. His depth of knowledge and experience is remarkable, and from that day to this I’ve never had cause to doubt that recommendation or opinion.

Simply put, Michael is my “go to guy” when I recommend a client that needs advice or help under the physical umbrella. Whether for an initial screening, problem solving, or injury recovery and prevention, I have absolute confidence in his work, and as importantly so can you!!

Mark Mitchell – Physiotherapist, Gold Coast, Queensland

The Golf Athlete Level II seminar was fantastic. Easy to learn, in-depth and detailed. No shows, no music…. just straight forward facts that I can use every day on the range as a coach and player.

Dennis Christiansen – Golf Interested Danish Physiotherapist

Michael and Rob, thanks again for a great 4 days (Level I and II Seminars). Working as a Physiotherapy professional with golfers has been a focus of mine for the past 6-8 months. All the articles and books read in this time though, were far surpassed by the content of the course.  I am definitely feeling more confident and motivated to pursue this area as a career path now.  A scratch in the surface of knowledge I know, but a good foundation to build on with great advice of the methods of integration with clubs and professionals.

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