why the golf athlete

At The Golf Athlete we believe there is a definite process that must be followed for you to play your best golf. This process is defined by obtaining an accurate assessment of your current game, designing a plan and putting the team in place to help you execute that plan.


The Golf Athlete is committed to delivering an extensive library of the latest in golf training techniques from highly educated and experienced coaches and health professionals from around the world, all designed to help golfers play to their full potential. Nowhere else is the integration of technical and physical development of the golfer delivered in such vivid detail. We deliver the tools to make it easy for the golfer to clearly assess their own game, design a personal improvement plan, and then apply the drills and training program required to implement that plan.


As a member of The Golf Athlete community, you will be able to communicate directly with leading coaches and health professionals, asking them questions on how best to improve your own golf game. We also provide an online listing of all TGA-educated coaches and health professionals so you can locate the right person to work within your local area. You will have access to a variety of online tools to help you better assess your golf skills and physical competency, and to guide you in the design of your own ultimate game improvement program.

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